Anuj Deshpande

Anuj Deshpande

Newsletters to subscribe to if you are into embedded systems

List of newsletters for embedded systems and semiconductors

Licensing open-source projects with good and bad faith

Thoughts on how to license your open source project with the aim of building a successful business on top of it.

How many types of USB C cables are there?

I was chatting with people on the Makerville telegram group

Policy and innovation

I was recently thinking about how innovation and government policy

Versioning hardware is hard

This past week there's been quite some outrage over on

Cheap energy

I sometimes think that we spend more time worrying online

Apple's eggs are not in one basket anymore

Apple has been manufacturing iPads and AirPods in Vietnam for

Industrial Commons

I recently came across a Harvard Business Review post from

Ford's Sanand plant changes hands

Tata Motors is buying the Ford Sanand plant operational since

From the archives: EMS Automation Challenges with Amit and Akshay

Akshay Sharma & Amit Kucheria talk about the automation challenges they face everyday as they build a new age EMS here in India (PCB Kingdom)