Nordic's Global Tech Tour 2015 - nrf52 Series Launch

Nordic has come up with a new family of Bluetooth Low Energy SoCs and they launched the first IC in this series a few weeks ago. They are hosting a Global Tech Tour where members from their development team are hosting 1 day workshops all around the world. I attended the event that was being held in Bangalore on 9th November.

I think the Nordic nrf52 is an amazing development in the world of BLE and we are going to see some great stuff built on top of this. It packs a serious punch when it comes to features. The nrf51 series was hands down the winner in the previous generation of BLE chips. I wouldn't be surprised if nrf52832 continued that trend. 

Some of the features are :

  1. On board NFC 
  2. No seriously, NFC! It will probably shakeup the notion that we need some kind of cloud-enabled authentication to identify yourself as the owner of the beacon/BLE device.
  3. Low power awesomeness by making minimum use of the CPU beast (clocked at 64MHz). Instead it relies on EasyDMA and PPI.
  4. Multiprotocol architecture : Not really interesting unless you are Satan and think proprietary stuff is good.
  5. HomeKit support
  6. IPv6 support

There were quite a few good Q&As throughout the day, and the team from Nordic was really swell. Thanks to Avnet for hosting the event ! 

Here's the development kit that all the attendees received.

I am planning on doing a series of blog posts on the stuff that I try out with this new kit! Stay tuned.