Ford's Sanand plant changes hands

Ford's Sanand plant changes hands
Photo by Dan Dennis / Unsplash

Tata Motors is buying the Ford Sanand plant operational since 2015. It had around 3000 employees as per Ford's own data, and was spread across 460 acres (for reference, Tata's own Pune plant is spread 930 acres and has around 11,000 employees).

Also, Tata Motors has it's own plant in Sanand since 2010 spread across 1100 acres (some folks might remember this as the plant that moved over from Singur, West Bengal amid widespread protests back in 2008)

I find automotive plants very interesting. The amount of technology that goes into them is enormous. Here's a marketing video for the Sanand plant I found –

Tata motors now has plants in Jamshedpur, Pantnagar, Lucknow, Pune, Dharwad, and two in Sanand.  

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